Yusuke Tsutsumi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1991. He started composing when he was fourteen.
He also composes music for films, Tv-series and commercials, such as NETFLIX series "Million Yen Woman".
His love and devotion to films drove himself to shoot several movies. "The Perfect Grey" is one of his beautiful works, and was screened at Tokyo International Film Festival 2017.
His style is basically Ambient and Alternative, but his romantic and dynamic approach never remains on those two categories, as his sound is exploring emotional wave without boundaries.

Film / TV / Video Game works
Yan (2020) / Day and Night (2019) / チワワちゃん (2019) / 会社は学校じゃねぇんだよ (2018)  / Million Yen Women (2017) / 検証捜査 (2017) /  The Old Capital (2016) / Sabuibo Mask (2015) / The House in Fatamorgana (2012)

Director and Cinematographer
A Walk in the Woods (Director, 2020) / Dean Fujioka Maybe Tomorrow (Cinematographer, 2018) / The Perfect Grey (Director, 2017) / Watering the Sun - 影の季節 (Director, 2015)

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